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We will automatically notify any clients or prospects who have inquired about your StarRating© via email link to the website with your results.

Step 1: Register with your contact information.

Result: Receive a verification email with payment instructions.

Step 2: Click the link provided in the verification email. Follow payment instructions.

Result: Receive a verification email with AdvisorSurvey© instuctions.

Step 3: Click the link in the verification email and complete the AdvisorSurvey©.

  • You will receive your preliminary StarRating© in as little as 15 minutes! (Note: In some cases it can take about one business day.) 
  • Your preliminary Advisor Profile will be launched and you can customize it with your picture and biography. 

Result: Receive a verification email with verification process instuctions.

Your verified StarRating© is obtained after the documentation has been received and independently verified by our firm.

The information verification, must be completed within two weeks after the payment submission date or your StarRating© will change to question marks.

Step 1: You will need to fax in all related and properly dated documents so that we may verify and validate your StarRating©. Please fax the coverpage, along with all required documentation, and initial that each item required has been included with the fax. The fax number is 703.232.1521.

Result: will verify that all of your submitted information is correct an your StarRating©will be verified and official!

Result: You will receive approval from© to place your AdvisorRating© Stars on your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, email signatures, and all other marketing materials.

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